Hannah's Memorial Page

We have had some truly great dogs. Four of them lived with us in the age of digital cameras so we have lots and lots of great photos. We lost Hannah in April of 2006 and gained Mollie in May of that year. This year she turned one in March and Sadie turned ten in June. In late August we added Wilson, our first boy. Since they came from different breeders in different parts of the state it was a bit of a surprise when his pedigree arrived showing that Mollie's grandpa, Thedford's Appalachian Bigfoot (Mac for short) was also Wilson's great grandpa, making them basset first cousins once removed. As Sadie taught her, Mollie  is now very busy teaching Wilson the very  secret and most personal wizardry of bassets---how to turn up gravity so that the 35 pound dog your are trying to pick up weighs 90 pounds and how to control sound so that although you heard a someone drop a potato chip from the other end of the house, when you are chewing up a sock you cannot hear your name when it is yelled in your ear.

There is beautifully illustrated children's book that pretty much sums up the world according to bassets. It's called Boswell's Life of Boswell (from it Wilson got one of his names) and you can read it on line via this link: