Thanks for visiting my Bedwell genealogy page!

Anybody who has ever done a bit of family history research knows that as you learn to recite a longer and longer list of names and dates and married who married who one or two of those long dead people really grab your attention. For me it was Erasmus Bedwell.

I think mostly it was because I never knew I should have been looking for him at all. I knew my mother's maiden name---it was Adams. I knew her father was Marion Adams. I knew his father was John Wiley Adams. So his father should have been Somebody Adams. But it wasn't. It turned out to be Erasmus Bedwell. And despite all the other things I have discovered, it remains a mystery to me why my mother's name was Grace Adams.

In trying to answer that question I have, over the past 15 plus years become really attached to Erasmus. The purpose of this page is to do what I'm not sure Rass was ever able to do, gather all his children together in one place and sort out who was who. In the process I hope to find even more cousins and kin.

The work here is not just mine. I had a lot of help from many cousins, especially Bernice Colwell, Jackie King, Grace Howard and Linda Cornett. All of us in turn had help from countless other relatives. Like the history of our family, the stories and information here belong to all of us.

Use the links below to  navigate the site  Just remember, as with all amateur (and most professional) genealogy, I’m sure there are mistakes in some of the information here.   If you find any, let me know, if you have something new to share let me know that too and I’ll try and add it.