Mahlon Fields of Perry County KY, my great great grandfather

Phillip Whisman (P.W) Hall also from Perry County and also my great great grandfather

My great grandfather, Anderson Fields. He was the son of Mahlon and the son-in law of P.W. Hall.

My Grandad, Corneilus T. (Neil) Fields. He was born in Perry County, KY but lived his adult life in Leslie County. He died in 1940 of diabetes

My Dad, William Pearl Fields. This was taken when he was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY in world War II

Five generations of Fields men.

The family of John Wiley (Bedwell) Adams and Nancy Jane (Cornett) Adams. John Wiley and Nancy Jane are my maternal great grandparents. My maternal grandfather, Marion Adams is in the center back.

The family of Andrew Jackson (AJ) Bedwell. AJ was the half brother of John Wiley. Their father was Erasmus Bedwell. John is from Erasmus' first marriage, AJ from his second. (AJ is the man with the mustache

Eliajh (Lige) Bedwell was the half brother of John Wiley and the full brother of AJ. He was Erasmus Bedwell's youngest child.

My Maternal grandmother Mary Morgan at the time of her wedding. She was about 19. She died in 1920 of influenza leaving 6 children, the oldest 10 years old,the youngest 6 months.

The only other photo I have of my Grandma Mary. This one was taken about 9 years after the other. The baby is my mother, Grace so the photo is the summer of 1917. My Grandpa's hand is on the shoulder of my Uncle Covy. Beside My grandma is my Uncle Coy. My Aunt Zilphia and my Uncle Calfee are in front.

My Mom, Grace Adams. I expect that this photos was taken the same day as the one above, sometime in the summer of 1917

The children of Jonathan Hart and Chloe (Creech) Hart
Bill, Belva, Dora, Laura (My Grandmother) Jess, Sarah and Ida.

Laura Belle (Hart) Fields, my paternal grandmother, She was married to Neil Fields above.

My Uncle Oscar Fields,probably taken about 1920. He was one of my Dad's older brothers

Poppy on Camp Creek in Leslie County the early 1960's. This is exactly as I remember him.

My Great Uncle Wilson Adams taught singing school. This is from one of those schools, probably about 190. Uncle Wilson is the man with the mustache.He was the son of John Wiley and Nancy Jane.

My maternal Grandfather, Marion Esteridge Adams. I called him Poppy. This was taken as he worked making wooden shingles, probably in the 1930s

Mom in about 1945

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