These are some of the old Photos of Erasmus's descendants I have gathered together over the years. Besides my own family these are thanks primarily to Bernice Colwell and Jackie Marshall-King. We don't have a  picture of Erasmus. I doubt is one actually still exists but so far we have gather picture of three of his sons, John Wiley, A.J. and Lige. Looking at the three of them and remembering that John had a different mother than AJ and Lige is probably about as close as we can come to knowing what Rass looked like. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

John Wiley  &  family. Sons Wilson &  Marion are 2nd and 3rd in back. Daughters Eliza & Martha are 4th and 6th. Daughter Juda (with baby) is beside her partents John Wiley and Nancy Jane. 

AJ & family. Back Maryland Judy, Stanton (aka Jacob) & Mary (Maryland's twin). Front AJ & wife Sarah, Siliasm Edmond and Polly

Lige and wife Cindy

AJ's wife Sarah Griffith Bedwell

Lige with unknown child

Lige with grandaughter Carolyn

Eliza Adams
daughter of John Wiley

Marion and Wilson Adams sons of John Wiley

Arthur Lige and Cindy Bedwell

Judith Bedwell Engles Daughter of AJ

Edmond (son of AJ) Bedwell's wife Ellen (Fields) & his children, Eddie, John, Mattie & Bea

 AJ's daughters, twins
 Mary and Maryland

Wilson Adams, John Wiley's son taught singing school. This is one of his classes. Wilson is the man on the end with the mustache. I am not surewhere the class was, probably in Leslie County.

 AJ's daugher Maryland, wife Sarah and son Silias 

 Silias Bedwell (center) son John & sisters Mary & Maryland Ellen Fields Bedwell & Myrtle Ison are on the other side

Sam Coots, grandson of Nelson Bedwell/Adams taken from his obituary

Marion Adams and his family, summer 1917. son Coy is beside his mother Mary (Morgan) son Covey is beside his father. Daughter Zilphia ands son Calfee are standing in front and the baby is daughter Grace

Flossie, Florance and Doshia Lewis, daughters of Martha Adams Lewis and granddaughters of John Wiley

Coy, Covey, Calfee (in Chair) and Zilphia Adams children of Marion Adams and grandchjildren of John WIley (ca 1917)

Grace Adams Fields daughter of Marion Adams & Grandaughter of John Wiley (1917)

Zilphia  Adams Morgan with her baby  (I think it is her daughter Bobbie) She was the daughter of Marion Adams & Grandaughter of John Wiley

My Grandfather Marion Adams, Grandson of Erasmus was married twice, first to Mary Morgan (my grandmother) After she died in the influenza epidemic of 1919/20 he married Alabama Coots. In total he had 19 children. One died at birth. The remaining 18 are in the composite photo at the left. They are: (By Mary) Covey, Coy, Zilphia, Calfee, Grace and Lelia and (by Alabama) Arthur, Fern, Verdie, Orie, Janice, Jeanette, Shirley, Donnie, Daisy, Willard, Nancy and Lonnie. My best count is that my grandfather had 88 grandchildren. Great, Great-great, Great-great-great,

John Wile and his wife Nancy Jane with some of their children and grandchildren. I believe this was probably taken in the summer of 1920. My Grandfather, Marion Adams is not in the photo but all his children are. In fact, as best I can tell, with the exception of his oldest grandson, Sherman Fields all John Wileys grandchildren alive in 1920 are there. Click on the diagram at the right for an enlarged identification chart. (Some are my best guess based on age and sex)