Marx Action Figures

As a kid I played with lots of toys made by the Marx Company. Best of all were the action figures. I had two of the horses, Chief Cherokee, Mike Hazard and my first and favorite, Daniel Boone. He is pictured above, purchased in 1965 as a bribe to get me to behave through a doctor's visit. (I long ago lost the various accessories so the ones he has now are replacements ). All the figures shown here are from my collection. One of the great things about the Marx figures was the variety. There were cowboys, knights, Indians, Vikings, secret agents, soldiers along with horses, dogs and even a buffalo. Although the Marx company of old is gone, some figures have been produced in Mexico from the original molds and now and some reproductions (Johnny West, General Custer, the Vikings and the Knights) are now being made available. The links on this page go to some of the Marx toy sites that I enjoy visiting.