Flora Bedwell was the daughter of Erasmus Bedwell and his second wife Sarah Caudill. She appears on the Letcher County Kentucky birth records as born March 20, 1878. Erasmus and Sarah are listed as her parents. She does not, however appear in the 1880 Letcher County census with her family. The two year old listed there is a boy, Terry. It is possible Flora died in infancy and it is possible she her name/gender was confused in the 1880 census meaning that Flora and Terry are the same person. Flora does not appear in later census records (nor does Terry) so even if there was a mistake on the 1880 census and she survived infancy she may have died before reaching adulthood. If Flora and Terry are the same child, the Letcher County Birth record is probably more accurate and the baby born to Sarah and Erasmus in 1878 was a girl.