My two oldest sisters, Eunice and Bonnie sometime in the late 1940s

A studio photo of Eunice and Bonnie taken about the same time, Eunice is about 11 and Bonnie about 8

My Family around 1950 just before moving to the house where I was born. Poor Dad, literally buried in women!

Mom ,Eunice, Bonnie, my youngest sister Jean (the baby Mom is holding) and two of my cousins. Summer 1947

This is the house where I was born, on Preacher Fork of Hurricane Creek in Leslie County. This house was torn down and a new one built in 1960.

My sister Jean. She still has that ugly doll!

My family just before I was born---sometime in 1954

My sister Jean was thrilled with her new baby brother!
Summer 1955

Dad, my Granny Fields, Me and my niece Lannie, about 1956

Dad and I on our horse Pal

Christmas 1957

Me and my dog, Ricky about 1960---Jean named him after Ricky Nelson

Dad and I about 1958/59. This is one of my favorite photos.

Mom Dad Jean and Me about 1956

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Mom and I also taken about 1957 or 58

My niece Lannie and me 1959.