The  Children  

It is still difficult, after fifteen years of looking, to even decided how many children Erasmus had. There are some confusing duplicates and some that appear once and nowhere else. Names and sex sometimes seem to change. There are links below to all sixteen possible contenders .

With Letty Adams there were four that I am certain of:

With Sarah Caudill there were also four that I am certain of:

With Letty Adams there is one more that I strongly suspect Erasmus fathered:

With Sarah Caudill there were two more that appeared on at least one census:

With Sarah Caudill there was one more that appeared on a census. I am fairly certain it was a mistake but anything is possible:

With Letty Adams there are three more that might have belonged to Erasmus---if he was a little less than faithful to Sarah. But they did appearon a cenus with Erasmus' surname

And fianlly with Letty Adams there is one more more that was documented elsewhere with a different father but she too  appeared on a cenus with Erasmus' surname